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Our mission is to revolutionise the way we trade tuna across the globe by connecting buyers and suppliers on one online marketplace, in turn creating accessibility , visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain. In bringing the traditional model online, we are able to connect the right buyers with the right suppliers ensuring we get the maximum value out of every fish that is taken from the ocean.


TunaSolutions provides buyers with a unique opportunity to buy fish directly from suppliers across the globe and easily establish relationships with new fishing companies, traders and supply markets. You are able to find new partners that are geographically favorable and meet your quality and quantity requirements.

Our platform allows buyers to have visibility across international supply whilst simultaneously providing you the opportunity to compare the viability, quality, cost and delivery time of shipments. Our end-to-end traceability chain ensures that you only buy fish that meets your company’s sustainability requirements. In addition, buyers will have access to our proprietary partner marketplace which is a collection of independent businesses providing opt-in services that will assist in cold storage, additional grading and inspection.


TunaSolutions's B2B marketplace allows traders to buy and sell fish on a global scale. You are able to engage directly with the buyers, agents, wholesalers giving you access to new demand and the opportunity to break through the private marketplace barriers. With visibility across global demand, market saturation and market prices the TunaSolutions platform will allow you to make a more concise decision when exporting fish.

Traders will also have full visibility across their supply chain and the opportunity to acquire product from new suppliers outside of their existing network.

Our partner marketplace will help you in sourcing the right logistics and storage solutions to support all of your supply chain and trading operations.


We provide suppliers the opportunity to get your product in-front of the right demand through a fully traceable and transparent supply chain. Our marketplace gives you direct access to overseas buyers, creating more control over the way your fish is marketed, delivered and sold. Increasing your accessibility to international markets will give you an exposure to previously unattainable demand which allows you to maintain a more consistent price, create greater competition for your fish and ensure a more transparent commercial chain. TunaSolutions also provides you with a partner marketplace that offers logistics, grading and storage solutions.

This unique opportunity will allow you to build your own reputation, create brand awareness and give you the ability to build the right network ensuring you achieve the maximum value for your product.

How does it work?


Register your business and create an online profile


Join, setup and trade across multiple auctions

Partner Marketplace

Choose services required: logistics, quality inspection, customs agent, cold storage


Secure payment is conducted through our payment gateway


How to register

Fill out our buyer's registration form and then start customising your own profile online. The more information you provide, the better connectivity you will have with other members in the marketplace. You can setup notifications that alert you when a specific species, geographic region, supplier or auction type are available. As a registered buyer, you will have complete visibility across the entire supply chain and the ability to purchase your desired product from any supplier across the globe. You are able to view all the supplier's sustainability accreditation, supply track record and online reputation making it easier to engage with new suppliers that are trustworthy. Buyers can; organise your own auctions inviting suppliers to participate or join future and live auctions as they wish. You also have access to our market stats and are able to view the all the expected supply for each market - making your buying decision an accurate one.



How to register

To register as a Trader on TunaSolutions, click on the link and request a ​traders registration form. Fill out all your company details, the suppliers represented, value add proposition and track record to date. Registered traders will have access to our global marketplace and partner marketplace. The global marketplace allows you to engage with buyers/suppliers giving you total visibility of both the upstream and downstream supply chain.
You can also register your profile on the partner marketplace which will allow you to offer your services and secure representation rights of any registered supplier. The partner marketplace also provides a centralised directory of logistics services, freight forwarders, graders, customs agents and available factory space.

We have installed a reputation system that allows both suppliers and buyers to give traders a rating. This, coupled with your trading history will build an online reputation within the platform. ​



How to register

Our suppliers registration form helps you fill out all the necessary details and information that buyers like to look at. We will give you hints and tips on how to make your profile more attractive and grow your brand overseas. You can complete the registration in 2 easy steps;

  • Fill out and submit the online registration form
  • Once verified, jump online and customise your profile

As a registered supplier you will have complete access and visibility across the global marketplace, giving you the opportunity to choose what market to send your fish to and which buyers to engage with. You will be able to setup up your own auctions, enter into pre-existing auctions, register your expected supply and future offloads. You will also have access to our Partner Marketplace which will allow you to choose to include the expertise of a Trader/Agent to manage your account, source logistics solutions and find local graders. Our platform provides you with a window to worlds demand and complete transparency throughout the sales process.