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Buying tuna is high risk! You never know what you are going to get..? 

Building a client base is hard enough, but not having confidence in what product you will receive every week can really slow your company's growth and make you vulnerable to competitors.


Understanding your requirements; knowing what grade you need and supporting the growth of your business from the supply side is our speciality. 


We get it!

TunaSolutions has a unique approach to delivering top quality tuna to the market. With over 20+ years experience in the catching and exporting of tuna we have developed a number of successful exporting facilities across the globe. We take the time to understand our buyers purchasing requirements and employ a consultative approach to support your purchasing process with our vertically integrated global supply network to accurately deliver consistency across all grades and products.

Our B2B trading platform takes the administrative work out of the ordering process and centralises all your purchasing activity whilst securing product integrity and quality assurance through our end-to-end traceability solution.


Key to our success;

  • Invested in a global supply network ensures we control all critical points to eliminate inefficiencies and provide uninterrupted delivery of your product specifications

  • Implemented our own end-to-end supply chain handling solutions with scientifically based best practices across harvesting, process and packaging to maximise the quality of every tuna

  • Continuous Improvement; we employ our own graders to deal directly with the producers. Graders have been educated using our proprietary training system to ensure accurate Product/Market fit and provide continuous improvement analysis for producers that help improve their quality.

Our Commitment to delivering you quality

Environmental & socially responsible harvesting

Scientifically designed

Best Handling Practices

Fully Traceable


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