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"Catching and supplying quality tuna is your speciality,

connecting you to the right buyer is ours."

Tuna is one of the most complex products to sell but every tuna has a maximum market value and identifying that value consistently ensures you maximise profitability as a supplier.  

With over 20+ years experience in the tuna industry across all sectors of the supply chain (boat-to-plate), TunaSolutions has redefined the model for success. Our extensive knowledge in catching, processing and exporting tuna coupled with our framework in distribution is what has driven the development of our B2B tuna trading platform. 


Our platform is specifically designed to enhance trading opportunities with 3 key benefits:

  • Access to multiple buyers: a central point for managing all of your sales activity to multiple buyers at once, creating access to a greater buying audience

  • Security and Trust: our proprietary grading and payment solution eliminates the risk of dealing with new trading partners and creates a fair-trade ecosystem for all parties - meaning you always get paid fairly for your tuna

  • Best Market Value: our real-time auctions model ensure you get the best value for your tuna across multiple markets​

Additional suppliers service include:

to Fairtrade &
Free-market access

Proprietary & market specific 

grading training

Audit, training & implementation of Best handling practices

Market intelligence and real-time market updates 

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