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Consultancy and

Improvement Programs

TunaSolutions delivers a suite of consultancy solutions and improvement programs specifically devoted to the development of sustainable businesses and fisheries within the tuna industry. 

We have the expertise to focus on 3 key areas:

  • Economic Impact: building value chains that deliver the greatest return to local fishers through;  product enhancement, effective distribution and logistics, brand awareness, new market entry and the implementation of marketing and sales strategies.

  • Environmental Impact: development of fisheries management and governance protocol designed specifically for each fishery's needs to improve, maintain and enforce the sustainability of local tuna stocks and parallel fisheries that they impact.

  • Social Impact: development and implementation of socially inclusive industry models that bring benefit to local communities through taking ownership of local tuna resources; the employment and upskilling of local individuals, equitable distribution of opportunity and expanding the effect of a thriving, sustainable fishery within the community.​

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